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~~~ Updated September 30, 2007 ~~~


Please pray for Michael Novenche's
Complete and Total Healing

Who is Michael Novenche?

Shortly after March 28, 2000, a request was sent to the internet for prayer regarding a brain tumor that Michael began fighting when he was only 2 years old.  Since that time, this prayer request has crossed the internet and the globe with such fervor, it began appearing on many of the Urban Legend web sites.  People were wondering if little Michael was the real thing or just another internet hoax. 

Michael is a real child, alive and still fighting the tumor (a condition called "astrocytoma") that threatens his brain stem.

Michael Joseph Novenche was born on July 24, 1997.  He is the beloved child of a large Italian/Irish family, many who reside in the Clifton Park, NY area.  His father is of Italian descent, his mother Irish.  Michael's grandmother, Nina Novenche, has been an integral part of communicating with those on the internet who seek to know more about Michael and it was through conversation with her that this web site was created - to provide a place for the internet community to easily keep in touch with Michael's progress. 

At the age of 2, this small, loving child complained of headaches and other symptoms, including a loss of feeling in the left side of his body.  He was taken to a hospital, where it was determined the tumor was too large to be operated on.  A series of severe chemotherapy treatments were recommended for the little boy.  Sensing something was not right, a family member contacted Dr. Fred J. Epstein, M.D. (an attending neurosurgeon and pediatric neurosurgeon at Beth Israel Medical Center - Singer, New York) who they had read about in Reader's Digest.  Concerned about the recommended treatment, he agreed to look at Michael's MRI which another family member drove all the way into New York City in hopes that a less harmful solution could be found.  After reviewing the MRI, it was determined that surgery could be safely done to remove part of the tumor, leaving much less to fight through chemotherapy treatments.  In perhaps Michael's first miracle, he was saved from the original chemo, which Dr. Epstein felt would have been too much for his little 2 year old body.  The disastrous results could have caused Michael's brain to swell and possibly have ended his life.  The surgery was successful and chemotherapy treatments followed.

Michael's grandmother reports that even the doctors can tell the effect of prayer on their patients and have noticed that Michael has been blessed with such prayer.  A deeply religious family, the Novenche's faith has been boosted by the outpouring of love from those on the internet willing to offer such prayers for not only Michael, but the family in this time of need.  Michael's father gives thanks for every single prayer said on behalf of his son, as well as the family who gives thanks to all those helping their beloved child through prayers, novenas, the lighting of candles, etc. 

Update 09/30/07:

From Nina Novenche:

The tumor began to grow again last summer [2006]. Surgery was needed again. Michael's operation in October [2006] went well. He just had a MRI in August [2007] and the tumor was stable. Hopefully some day the MRI will show that the tumor is gone. Again, we feel that it is the prayers. The Novenche family thanks each and every person who stopped and said a prayer for Michael. May God bless them. Nina

Web Mistress' Note
(10/14/06): In March of 2006, Michael celebrated his sixth year of survival since the tumor threatened his life.  In a world filled with so much turmoil, truly we have been allowed to see the pure grace of God as He has answered our prayers to give Michael a chance at a normal life (including attendance at a public school).  We believe this to be a direct answer to the prayers so many people have offered up on his behalf.  Let us pray for Michael's tumor to shrink and disappear, freeing Michael's body from the strain of surgeries, radiation and chemo.  If prayer can take us this far, surely it can take us all the way to complete and total health.  In this, God can do all things.  God bless all of you for continuing to pray for Michael's perfect and complete healing.

The test of true prayer and faith is when we have the strength to continue to uphold our love and determination to see any given situation through.  While Michael has seen miraculous prayer bring him back physically time and again, it is by God's grace he is still with us.  

I implore all those of faith who have been following Michael's progress to continue to pray as fervently each day as they did from the first time they heard about Michael.  Until the tumor is completely healed and gone from his body, our petitions in prayer are the only medicine Michael can never have too much of.  May God recognize the resolve in our hearts and bless Michael with perfect and complete healing.

Beautiful words from Brother Henry:

Father, We ask in Jesus' Name, the Name above all names, that you would touch young Michael.  Send Your Holy Spirit to remove the tumor completely and restore him to perfect health.  And, Father, we know that You are omnipotent and can do anything and that it is not your will that little ones should suffer.  So, Father, grant the request of Your humble servants I pray, and let not Your Holy Name be evil spoken of for denying it.  Also, Lord Jesus, I humbly remind You that You have promised us that if we ask anything in Your Name that it would be done for us by Our Father, which is in heaven. Amen

In Christ, Bro. Henry

True miracles, the type the church investigates and verifies, really do exist.  Every day waits for the power of our combined faith for one to occur.  I believe there is one such miracle waiting for Michael out there, just waiting to be realized. And so it is very important now that we continue to pray, say novenas, light candles, and send our healing energies not only out of love for Michael, but because Michael is so loved by God. Please, continue to pray as fervently as ever before for Michael.  Our prayers have been heard, and as I said before the more prayer -the more power, the more power - the greater the miracle.  Thank you all very much. 

Michael still contends with the daily threats that any challenged immune system must deal with, such as fighting off fever, colds and sinus infections.  Michael has a bubble in his head from his shunt and hopes some day to be free of this debilitating illness.  All of us who know the joy of watching our children run wildly around the house in play can appreciate the depth of Michael's wish to no longer be ill and to play with the freedom and total abandonment that childhood allows. 

Please pray for Michael's complete and perfect healing.  If you can, please send a short prayer request to those you know will take it to heart and have time to pray, say a novena, light a candle, send healing love and good vibrations for little Michael and his family during this fight for Michael's life, as prayers are seen in the heavens as music to God's ears. 

The e-mail link below will put you in direct contact with Michael's grandmother, Nina Novenche.  You can also sign and view the Guest Book below, however please remember any prayers or well wishes over three lines long as they will not fit into the guest book.  You will either need to post two separate entries or send your beautiful prayer to Nina directly at her e-mail address.

If you would like to send cards of support to Michael and the family (which I am sure would be greatly appreciated after the number of years they have struggled to keep their belief for his healing going, they can be sent to:

Michael Novenche
c/o Nina Novenche
28 Appletree Lane
Clifton Park, New York  12065


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