MID CITIES SENIORS is a small informal group of SINGLE people who meet for the express purpose of fun, fellowship, and enriching our life through new acquaintances.There are no age requirements, but we range from mid 50's to mid 60's. We are certainly NOT over the hill!

DO NOT have an agenda, rulebooks, or membership requirements (other than being SINGLE!). We meet to enjoy the company of others very much like ourselves.

Our activities often are things that most of us enjoy doing; going to dinner, movies, live theater, etc. Since the focus of our group is to meet and mingle with new people, most of our meetings are for the purpose of getting better acquainted with others who have joined us. The group decides at each meeting where the next meeting will be. We meet on the Second Fourth Saturday nights of each month, with other meetings as events of interest come up.
A group of the most interesting, exciting, and fun people in the Dallas-Ft.Worth Mid Cities area.
This is the only person ever turned turned down for membership in our growing organization. She just could not meet our minimum requirements. Well, there was that one other real nutcase. But that's quite another story.
Few things are as valuable today as real friends. Making a real friend is really quite an accomplishment in today's busy world. One reason for that is the lack of opportunity to meet people who might be good friend material. After all,  not just everyone is.

Someone once said that a friend is someone who knows everything there is to know about us, and likes us anyway. A friend is someone who makes us feel comfortable, makes us laugh, makes us think, helps us when we need help, kicks us in the butt when we need that, AND... gives us that rare opportunity to help and be a friend back to them in return.

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Mindi of Mid Cities. To read more about one of our prospective new members, click on the link.
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