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Detroit River: May 6, 2003


2009 Reports (Added 4-18-09)

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Boarder Crossing Information

2008 Boarder Crossing Information (Added: 3-28-08)

Miscellaneous Reading/Links

2008 Ontario Non-Resident Licenses On-Line: Wally's Bait, Windsor Ontario

Clinical Signs of VHS: PHOTOS (Added: 3-29-07)

Current USCG Local Notice to Mariners Added: 3-27-07)

DOWNRIVEROUTDOORS.COM: Crawler Harness Samples (Added: 3-27-07)

Lake Erie Artificial Reefs: Coordinates and Photos (Added: 3-21-07)

1-10-07 USDA Public Meeting Transcript: (VHS) Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia

Michigan Retail Minnow Dealers (added: 3-13-07)

USCG: Weather and Navigation Information

General Information for Trenton Channel/Detroit River and Lake Erie (MUST READ!)

Technical Reads

Dipsy and Jet Diver Dive Charts (Added 3-15-06)

Fishing: Identification and Information, The Fish of Lake Erie

Tackle Making Information

Luhr Jensen Technical Bulletin #511

Downriggers for your Tackle Box: Slide Divers

How to rig the "Weapon": Erie's Hottest Lure

MSSFA.COM: Planer Board Plans

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