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Important Notice: It has been a wonderful 'run', having this site up since January, 2000. However, Geocities is shutting down its free webhosting on October 26, 2009. Since I make no money off the site, I am not inclined to pay for web hosting. As a result, this site (the Midwest River Inventory) will no longer be available after that date. I will continue my work with, to make their river pages as robust as possible for the 'upper Midwest' rivers which have been detailed here all these years. My thanks to all of you for finding and using these pages.
Good paddling to all.

1) ML-SP - Master List-Summary Page - Index and links to all river descriptiions available, sorted by river name, and (when more than one section is described on a river) sorted upper to lower within river.

Use the link above to see the full list -OR- Use the links below for lists by location.

2) MI-UP  - Michigan - Upper Peninsula Michigan Quick Chart Michigan Photo Pages
Michigan Clickable River Map
3) WI-S     - Wisconsin - South
   (S. of a line thru Green Bay, Stevens Point, Neillsville, and Red Wing, MN)
4) WI-NE  - Wisconsin - NorthEast
   (N. of the above line  and  E. of (and including) Wisconsin River watershed)
Wisconsin Quick Chart Wisconsin Photo Pages
Wisconsin Clickable River Map
5) WI-NW  - Wisconsin - NorthWest
   (N. of the above line  and  W. of (not including) Wisconsin River watershed)

6) OTHR - Other select sites (Indiana, Minnesota)  
Minnesota Quick Chart Minnesota Photo Pages
Minnesota Clickable River Map
  IL/IN Quick Chart
Emergencies Quick Chart
Beginners Guide to Whitewater
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