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       I dedicate this HomePage to my family and friends, in Indonesia and elsewhere.       

I have many interests including;
traveling, gardening, cooking, interior design & decoration, and holistic health, so I put several links on this page to share these things with you.  Because, I also enjoy history, I have created some additional links to websites that interest me.  I am still working with My Journal, part of Pictures, Traditions & Customs around the World, and Traveling sections, hopefully will finish soon.  

Please enjoy your visit, and I appreciate any comments you might have to help me improve this

Created: February 14, 2002

Em@il Me!!
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The Wedding
History & Biography
Bath & Beauty
National Parks in the USA
Wonders of the World
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Schengen Country - EU
The Road to the Euro Money
Olympic History
Home Decorations
Traditions & Customs around the World

Early Spring in Boston area
Sheepshearing Festival
US Airshow
My Birthday
Colin Graduation's Day
Father's Day
Our Anniversary
Big Dig Tour
9/11 - One Year Later
Bunker Hill Bridge Walk & Octoberfest 2002
Balinese Gamelan Concert in Boston area
Dikunjungi Orangtua & Adik
Jalan2 ke Boston yuk?

Michael & I
Map of the USA
Map of Indonesia
My Community
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Holography Museum Tour
International Cooking Group
International Fair
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My Community
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