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My name is Michael Reed, and I am a 3d artist.  I have been working on Max for a year now all by my lonesome.  Just recently I started taking classes.  This page is merely thrown together for the sole purpose of displaying my work.  I know nothing of HTML, so this simple PageBuilder had to do.  Enjoy.
    I M A G E G A L L E R Y
This is one of the earlier works I've done.  It's called of course, "Bathroom", very original I know.  If you'll bring your attention to the mirrored image.  Notice its jaggedness.  This is due to my lack of knowledge I possesed early on conserning anti-alliasing.  Once I learned that I implanted anti-alliasing in all of my reflective bitmaps.  This work took 2 hours to complete--done on a pentium166 with 32 megs. (All other work on 64 megs)
This work is called, "Michael's Room", which really has nothing to do with my room what-so-ever.  This work of mine is an early project as well.  The picture of the girl is just a random photo I found on the internet, cropped and placed on a patch.  The bookshelf unit here took the longest to model, and this IS infact modelled directly from the bookshelf unit in my computer room.  I love the shadows cast from wall lamps, it adds a nice realistic feel to the scene. (this particular light being raytraced.
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All images and works copyrighted 99-00 under section 009-87
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