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The Mighty Fox Tribe is part of the Indian Guides Salado Nation, Tejas Federation, Northeast Branch, YMCA of San Antonio and the Hill Country. We boast a long and proud tradition of fathers and sons who are . . .

"Pals Forever . . . Friends Always."

   Please pray for the safe return of Susan McFarland, and for her family.

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Home Page of Northeast YMCA Indian Guides

Calendar of Events

Where can I get a patch vest?
The Leather Factory (click address for map) 
5710 Mobud (near Bandera & 410)
San Antonio, Texas 78238 
The Leather Factory Website

See also Tandy Leather Company's 
vest kit page, last seen here. 
Tandy Leather Vest Kits

Fox Foto Page

The Fox Files (the truth is in here . . . somewhere) 

Program Deed Descriptions

Map to Y-Indian Guides Campgrounds

Maps of Camps showing traditional Fox Tribe campsites 

Camp Flaming Arrow (every August) 
Map       Contact Info

Camp Stewart (April & October - odd years) 
Map       Contact Info

Camp Rio Vista (April & October - even years) 
Map       Contact Info

Weather Forecast for Hunt, Texas (nearest town to all 3 camps)

YMCA Indian Guides Program Patch
Y-Indian Guides: Program & History
Sac & Fox Nation
History of the "Real" Fox Tribe

YMCA Indian Guides Headband

Purpose, Slogan, Aims & Pledge

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