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And some stuff about me... just in case you care. ^_^
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Last updated: 06/23/06
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Update: I am not updating this site anymore. I removed a slew of personal info at the behest of one of my relatives, though.
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Introduction: I hope you enjoy this collection of my art. The galleries are at the bottom of the page. Or you could find out useless info about me, planned future additions for here, and awesome art sites by clicking on certain links to the upper left of this paragraph. My e-mail is there, too. Don't be shy about telling me what you think, be it good or bad. Whatever floats your boat. Also, feel free to download anything, but if you post my pictures anywhere, please, please, PLEASE tell me about it and give me credit for them!
                                                                                                                            - Tara               
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My 99% Original Concept Art Galleries
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About the notes below some pictures:
Pic Stats -
the original size of the paper (some figures may be cropped to eliminate empty space around them on the page) as well as what mediums were used.
Description - What is shown in the picture.
Origin -
Where parts of the picture came from, for instance, if I used a model for a face or postion. If the picture was done without aid, this space will read "freehand."
This is a note that will appear if the original is no longer in my possession.

Disclaimer: All non-original characters and images are copyrights of their respective owners. I do not claim these to be mine originally and I always say when they are not mine, so that should take care of the legal stuff. If there is something else I should say, I don't know what it is, so just tell me if I have omitted something and I will fix it. Ok? Got it? Good.