Stoon      Stone, Rock, Pebble
dirt       Dirt
klor       Color
flag       Flag, any kind of sheet not made for covering
comp       Computer
disk       Disk, any kind of disk, computer disk, frisbee, etc.
skren      any display device
mat        Matter (physical)
nerj       Energy
vid        Empty, void, etc
fol        Full
breet      Wide, expanse, expansive
ner        Narrow, thin
vart       Wait
rit        Write, inscribe, writing, inscription, etc
les        Read, reading, something read, etc
pap        Paper or any thing used to write on
fast       Fast, rapid
sloo       Slow
kros       Across, to cross, crossing
med        With 
hosp       Hospital
dook       Doctor
ners       Nurse
haal       Heel
drug       Drug, medicine, etc.
av         In, at etc. (can only be used with time)
Lif        Life, live, living, alive
trut       Truth
niir       Near
von        From
tuu        Towards
brid       Bridge
ov         Over, above
suu        Under
lof        Love
vii        by means of, using (comes after word)
long       Along
mux        Music
Plas       Place, location
ke         That (as in 'he said that it was')
tam        Time
sem        Always, forever
ban        Abandon, Throw away, rid of
peen       Hurt, pain
fiir       Fear
mov        Move, S. T., movement
aft        After  (in sense of time or sequence)
kran       Fruit
sens       Spirit
dug        Begin, begining, start, etc.
beer       Bear
fin        Finish, end, ending
dup        Deep
gals       Gather, collect, Obtain, Get, etc,.
xer        Seek, search, look for
cas        Punish, punishment
tec        Teach, teaching, etc.
lern       Learn, learning
stud       Study
test       Test
klaas      Class (but not as in 'caste')
maat       Might, power, strength
star       Shore
sik        Sick, ill, sickness, disease
soond      Health, healthy, etc.
xaad       Shade, shadow
brin       Burn, burning, fire, etc.
us         from out of
wax        Grow, increase
wan        Shrink, decrease
genst      against
palm       Palm tree
len        Lean, incline
lef        Leaf, sheet as in 'sheet of paper'
gant       Whole, full, entire
weet       Law

Lesson 4