Mood words

le  indicates a question
ne  indicates uncertainty, doubt
ni  indicates intention and can if necessary be used to indicate the future.
do  indicates obligation
po  indicates possibility, ability
ka  indicates ignorance of
be  indicates need,necessity
fi  indicates desire, something wanted or envied
se  indicates urgency
pe  indicates permission´┐Ż´┐Ż (e. g. 'fras pe' can mean 'May I ask you a  question?')
mi  indicates emphatic mood
ro  indicates in order to
nu  indicates an opposite but should only be used when the correct word isn't known           
xo  indicates enjoyment
ze  indicates intensification, can be used to mean 'very'
te  indicates 'according to' or 'in the opinion of'
gi  indicates 'origin of, start of, etc.'
no  indicates possesing like or akin to something e.g. lunch is at noon-ish

Optional prefixed word to indicate the past tense: 'ge'

Lesson Three