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New Photo's of the Woody!!!!!!!!
Studebaker Museum board members and volunteers traveled to the restoration shop in Dayton, Ohio to inspect the '47 Woody station wagon.

These 2 photo's show the progress.  There were a few complications that arose but under the experienced eye of Tom Molnar, a solution was found.

Those in the traveling party included Phil Brown,  Andy Beckman, Paul White and Tom Molnar.

Thanks go out to Tom and Bonnie Molnar for submitting these photo's to be displayed on our web page.
On friday, April 3rd, 2009, Bosch Automotive gave its consent to allow a small group of Studebaker afficianado's to enter the hallowed ground known as the Studebaker Graveyard. As most of you know, this is where Studebaker Corporation dumped many prototype cars and vehicles. The below photo's will give you a good idea of how the years and elements have affected what is left.

We'd like to thank Bosch and its employees for granting us the opportunity to see what so many lovers of the Studebaker marquee would give their eye teeth to witness. Thank you also to Bob Henning of the Michiana Chapter SDC for taking these photo's for us.

Anyone have a rolling chassis they'd like to donate to put on the Sandcar?
Mike Lenyo surveys how things have changed since the last time he visited the graveyard.
The sandcar.  Unfortunately when we attempted to move it, it collapsed.  All we were able to salvage were the back fenders.