Mike Sloane sitting on his Farmall Super M tractor

Mike Sloane's Home Page

Hello! My name is Mike Sloane, and I live with my wife Diane in rural Allamuchy New Jersey (USA)

Here are some things about my life:

• I am retired from AT&T, worked for Lucent Technologies , and then  for Avaya Inc. ., a spin-off from Lucent. After that, I worked for Smith Tractor & Equipment, Inc., a local New Holland tractor dealership. I am now retired and catching up on all the projects I had put aside over the years.
• Much of my time is spent on my town and county government activities .
• My free time is spent caring for about 11 acres of mixed wooded and wetlands , as well as 2 miles of private dirt road.
• To take care of the property, I became interested in antique tractors and other older machinery. (Click here to see images of some of my tractors.) You can also see more images at my Fotki album site, which is still under construction.
• I am also interested in model railroading, computers, and photography and have a small flock of Guinea fowl   and keep them for insect control and as "watch dogs". I have a lot to learn about these very interesting birds. They are fun to have around and have brought out  broods of keets each year. Unfortunately, the flocks have been decimated by the local foxes, possum, owls, hawks, etc. And that is not such a bad thing - otherwise we would far too many guinea fowl.

Mike, Teddy Graham, and Farmall AV
I am sitting on the drawbar of a 1949 Farmall AV tractor that I bought from a former co-worker. It came with a Mott tow-behind mower, but unfortunately the engine needed more work than I was willing to pursue, and a friend, who has always wanted an AV, bought it from me. The large white dog is Teddy Graham, our Great Pyrenese, who died recently at age 11.

You can send e-mail to mikesloane@verizon.net. Many tractor and other images are available in my  image albums at www.fotki.com/mikesloane .

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