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Thomas Clair is a native of the Mi'kmaq Reserve Big Cove, in New Brunswick, Canada. As a child of impoverished aboriginal parents, Thomas’ earliest years were spent at his mother’s side harvesting potatoes and blueberries in Maine (US) in an effort to help support his family. At 17 years old, Thomas left the reserve and ventured to Ottawa, Ontario, where he met his future wife,fancy shawl dancer of the Kitigan Zibi band. The union resulted in his beloved daughter Monica, as well as Thomas’ first exposure to painting. Years later, Thomas still credits the stories and traditional culture of the Kitigan Zibi as a major source of inspiration for his works. True to his family's resourcefulness, Thomas's life is a mosaic of talents. He attracts local, national, and international attention by captivating audiences with breathtaking dance performances, crafts, and artwork. He also enjoys demonstrating his love of traditional aboriginal and Cajun cuisine by catering at community events, and has been known to play the blues for selected audiences. His resume also includes a well-developed acting career in historical re-enactment films. His most recent appearance was in the movie, “The New World”, which was released worldwide in December of 2005. In addition to entertaining, Thomas has proven his dedication to aboriginal awareness and social advancement by creating and facilitating workshops that speak to the social needs of aboriginal youth and foster cultural preservation. He not only brings his culture to the community, but selflessly gives his time to educate and inspire the young people of Canada whenever he can. Effortlessly weaving stories of traditional culture and life into lessons in woodcarving, painting, dance, and regalia creation, Thomas lends his humorous, down-to- earth approach into everything he does. After a brief respite from painting, Thomas has recently returned to his brushes. His works are highly expressive of the human condition and focus on themes of addiction, loss, joy, and transition. Thomas manipulates his acrylic designs with fluid lines and the use of bold colors, creating a highly emotive feast for the eyes. He combines various artistic styles, incorporating a traditional Aboriginal Storyteller approach into each piece. When his obstacles become a challenge, Tom draws on knowledge shared with him by well known artists such as the late Norman Knott, Christian Assiniwe, and countless others who have helped inspire him to continue developing as an artist. (see Tom’s links below to learn more about some of his friends.) While he describes his creations as a reflection of his own emotional life, Thomas has touched thousands of fans worldwide with the innocence and beauty of his work. He continuously touches the hearts of both young and old audiences, offering them a deeply personal look into the world of the Mi'kmaq in the hope that we might also discover a part of ourselves along the way, thereby bridging the cultural divide. Samples of Mr. Clair's art works can be viewed by clicking on the links "Tom's artwork1" & "Tom's artwork2" to the right. To place an order (or for more information) on artworks, cards, prints or logos, click on the "E-mail" icon and specify your needs. Greg Dreaver, managing agent for Thomas Clair will be happy to respond to your query. Before leaving, please sign the guestbook and share your comments. Thanks for taking the time to browse this site and check out Thomas’s links. Come back soon!
Fitness/Health/Nutrition, cooking, fishing, Blues music, Cajun & Black culture/history (Slavery & Buffalo soldiers) AND OF COURSE....Pow Wows & dancing, pow wows & camping, pow wows & meeting people!!
A wide circle of friends; he is either known as Dunnick or Tom by these individuals.  Mr. Clair's family & friends share three commonalities; a love of laughter & humour, a love of great food (exotic & Aboriginal) & a love of the Aboriginal lifestyle of travel, good music, pow wows, celeberations & feasts.
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