Go long mule - Uncle Dave Macon. 1927. American Roots.

Red wing - Riley Puckett. 1927. Howdy!
Riley Puckett. - D. I. Georgia, 1894 - 1946.
In 1924, Puckett, a blind banjoist/guitarist made the earliest of his many best selling pioneering C & W discs with Gid tanners Skillett Lickers. "Red wing" a negro minstrel song of the 1890,s by American composer/ publisher Frederick Allen "Kerry" Mills (1869 - 1948) from one of Pucketts later sessions, provides a good example of the early marriage of C & W to new Yorks Tin Pan Alley.

Stackalee - Frank Hutchison. 1927.  Harry Smith Anthology. 

Stackalee - Bob Dylan. 1993.  World gone wrong. 
Bob Dylan. Duluth, Minnesota.1941- 

The Butchers boy - Buell Kazee. 1928.  Harry Smith Anthology.   
Buell Kazee. - Burton Fork. Kentucky. 1900-1976.
Was college educated & had formal voice training, having stopped playing the banjo, which he had learned as a child. After leaving college he worked as a music teacher. In April 1927, at the encouragement of the owner of the local music store, he made his first recordings in N.Y.C. He was told to do away with the tutored voice & go back to his old "back home" accent. Generally used old mountain ballads, set to his own banjo accompaniment; "East Virginia", Wagoners lad", John Hardy", "Butchers boy" were all old Appalachian songs. Also sang some pop & western songs & a couple of times did comedy. Was a baptist minister & did,nt record after the depression. Later gave recitals & wrote religious books.   

The Butchers boy - Lambchop. 1999.   Nixon. or More sounds of the new west.
(probably a combination of 2 x 18th cent.British songs) Lambchop. Nashville, Tennessee. 1986-
(Main members- Kurt Wagner/Paul Burch/Deanna Varagona/Paul Niehaus)

In the jailhouse now - Jimmie Rodgers. 1928. The very    best of……..
Jimmie Rodgers. - Meridian,Mississippi.1897-1933.   The first solo Country superstar!
At once a genuine folk & blues country singer & guitarist & a big commercial success, the so-called "Father of Country Music", Rodgers blended mountain music & the cowboy style to his own special recipe.  A large number of his hits featured railroads (the million selling, "The brakemans Blues") he was also dubbed the "Singing brakeman". A brakeman in early life, he was a native of Meridian, Mississippi. After developing the tuberculosis that was to end his life so prematurely, he took to singing in 1926. His first records, made for Victor in 1927, included the million selling "Blue yodel". Other similar successes, followed by tours of the U.S.A, Mexico, Canada & England quickly made him a household name , & it would be difficult to overestimate his importance in the spread of C & W worlwide. Rodgers was a pioneer broadcaster on the Nashville based radio programme, "Barn dance", which in 1927 was re-christened "Grand ole opry" & he was honoured with first placing in the country music hall of fame.(Nashville 1961).

In the Jailhouse now - Sir Douglas Quintet. 1966  The best of.......  
Doug Sahm. San Antonio,Texas.1941-1999. A true innovator. Was responsible for experimental work in the rock, folk rock, country rock, Tex Mex etc. fields.

Ramblin, blues - Charlie Poole. 1928. White country blues.







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