Uncle Pen – Bill Monroe. 1950
Bill Monroe. - Rosine,Kentucky.1911-1996.

Blue Moon of kentucky - Bill Monroe. 1946. American Roots.

Blue Moon of Kentucky - Elvis Presley. 1954. Sun Sessions.
Elvis Presley.   Tupelo,Mississippi.1935-1977.

Dark as a dungeon - Merle Travis. 1947. Hillbilly.
Merle Travis. Muhlenberg County,Kentucky,1917-1983.

Dark as a dungeon - Souled American. 1992.
Souled American. Great lo-fi Chicago band. Unwitting (?) early founders of Alt/country.
Chicago, Illinois.1987- 

16 Tons - Merle Travis. 1947. Hillbilly.

16 Tons - The Cactus Brothers. 1993. The cactus Brothers.

Move it on over - Hank Williams. 1947. 40 Greatest hits.
Hank Williams. - Butler County,Alabama.1923-1953.

Ramblers blues - Stanley brothers. 1948. Bluegrass. 
Stanley Brothers. - Carter Stanley, McClure,South west Virginia. 1925 - 1966. Ralph Stanley,(same) 1927 - 

Georges playhouse boogie - The Maddox brothers & Rose. 1948. Hillbilly.

Lost highway - Hank Williams. 1949. 40 Greatest hits.  

Lost Highway – Townes Van Zandt. 1996.
Townes Van Zandt.  Master Texan singer/songwriter.   Ft.Worth, Texas. 1944-1997.

Blues stay away from me - Delmore brothers. 1949.
Field hand man - Delmore brothers. 1951. Freight train boogie. 
Kentucky mountain - Delmore brothers. 1951. Freight train boogie.

Ramblin’ man - Hank Williams. 1951. 40 greatest hits.

Wild side of life - Hank Thompson. 1952. Famous country music makers.
Hank Thompson. - Henry William Thompson, Waco, Texas. 3.9.1925 -

It was,nt god who made Honky tonk angels - Kitty Wells. 1952. Gods honky tonk angel.
Kitty Wells. Nashville, Tennessee, 30.8.1919-
Grew up in a musical family. In spite of the tone & content of "It was,nt god........" she was a very modest homeloving wife & mother who did,nt think much of the song at first. Married Johnnie Wright, cabinet maker & aspiring country singer in 1937. With her husband & sister in law formed Johnnie Wright & the harmony girls. Her real name was Ellen Muriel Deason, & it was only after the war that she adopted the stage name Kitty Wells, which was taken from an old folk song called "My sweet Kitty Wells". After the war she performed regularly on the "Louisianna Hayride" backing Johnnie & Jack, (her huisband & her brother in law, who was eventually killed in a car accident). She made a few records from 1949 onwards but with no success, until in 1952 she was persuaded to answer Hank Thompsons "Wild side of life" with the womans perspective! She continued to have hits into the mid 1960,s, sometimes in the form of duets with Red Foley or Webb Pierce. Even in her 80,s she still continues to play concerts & festivals. She was inducted into the country music hall of fame in 1976, & has never lost her rural accent & old time phrasing. 

Honky tonk angels – Little Lambchop. 1998

Are you missing me - Jim & Jesse. 1952. Bluegrass.

Dim lights, thick smoke & loud loud music. - Flatt & Scruggs. 1952. Golden Era.
Flatt & Scruggs. - Overton County, Tennessee.1914-1979./ Cleveland County, North Carolina.1924- 

Dim lights, thick smoke & loud loud music. - New Riders of the Purple Sage.1972.     New riders of the purple sage.  San Francisco, California.1969-1982. 

Dim lights….. - Flying Burrito brothers. Anthology, disc 2. 1970.
Flying Burrito Brothers.  California.1968-1972?








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