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Welcome to Minako Kou's Castle!
On this site you'll find Sailor Moon news and information, links to the hottest Sailor Moon sites, Sailor Moon on Real Audio, WinAmp Skins, Fan Art and Fan Ficiton, and a Sailor Moon Mailing list! Just use the links at the top of every page to go to the section you want, or use the site maps provided to explore the various sections!

My site now features my artwork!! Go to the fanart section to see the relatively small amount of my own artwork I've been able to scan! Just go to the Minako Kou section!
Want me to draw a specialized picture, just for you?! Just go to my Commission information page to find out how!!!

If you want to see Sailor Moon subtitled on Cartoon Network, go here. And sign the petition!!!

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-I've added even more of my own artwork to The Lights of Change artwork page and the Fanfic page!

-It's been a few months, but I'm back and making tons of updates! I've got more stories, more art, more of evrything! Please, go check out the sections on my site to see what's new!! Plus, now you can find more of my own artwork in the fanart section!!

-The Lights of Change artwork page now features characters created and drawn by Makoto Kou! And the fanfic page now includes 4 new poems written by SailorVenusUSA!!!

-I'm trying to make all around updates to my page right now ^_^ check your favorites sections to see what's new!!

To view two of my own drawings scanned in recently, go here. More to come!!!!

-After a long hiatus, parts 7 and 8 of The Lights of Change series have been uploaded to the fanfic section.
And work on the final part, The Lights of Change Part 9, has begun!

-Parts 1-6 of The Lights of Change are now available in WORD Document and HTML formats, and Parts 1-2 are also available in TEXT.
Check those pages for more information!

-I've finally uploaded parts 1-4 of The Lights of Change by Minako Kou and Makoto Kou.
-And I've uploaded the lemon fanfic Mina's Fantasy by Minako Kou.

-I've added the Sailor Moon Real Audio section. Download both American and Japanese songs!
-I've added Neptune and Uranus to the character profiles!!!

-ALL THE INNER SENSHI ARE UP!!!!! And I now have videos for Jupiter Oak Evolution, Mars Flame Sniper, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, Venus Love and Beauty Shock, and Venus Crystal Power!!!! WARNING: You will need WinZip and something to play *.avi files!
-I've just added the Sailor Jupiter Profile, and I'm hoping to get Venus up by the end of the day ^_^

-I've updated my Sailor Moon section, and now have Character Profiles for Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars!!!

-I've added 8 more pictures drawn by Amanda Vaughan!! She now has her own page on the second page of the fanart section. Please go check out her great original works!

-I've just begun work on my Webshrine to Shiho Niiyama the late voice actress of Sailor Star Fighter!!
-I'm making updates, I've removed and added links in the browsing bar at the top of my page.
-Join the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Discussion List, powered by Listbot! Simply go here.

-I have just added many more authors to my Fanfic page and another picture to the Fanart page!!!!

-The Sailor Moon section is now open!! Download your desktop wallpapers from there!!! Unfortunately I don't have much else at the moment... send me something to put on there!!!!

-I have just added Aria Chiba to the list of Fanfic authors!!! Check out her story The Realization!!!!!
-I just added to the Fan Art page... now including the artwork of Amanda Vaughan and I'm still most definitely accepting submissions

-I just uploaded the Fan Art page... featuring the artwork of Bunny and I'm most definitely accepting submissions

-Have just begun work on the Fan Fiction and Art page... still editing stories.. accepting submissions

-The Winamp Skins section is now up and running... although not all the files may have been uplaoded yet... and the Deirdre Castle page is still looking like the same test page

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