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Storms and captive nude in the plot of life
Edited December 2005
Here we are now when it is time to review the meaning of the year that was ushered in not so long ago. Time passages. Like a role in a complex plot each individual had played their part impeccably.

In Malaysia that meant sharing the pain of losing those dear to us in the maelstrom of the
tsunami, while in an economic sense there was not much significant change accept for corruption and scandals like the Proton AP issue and the loss of millions by the national airline,, Malaysian Airline System.

Simultaneously, social and political
storms uneathered the story of a female detainee forced to do nude ear-squats in a police lock-up cell, which resulted an illegal video presumed to be made by a police officer, circulated both in parliment and the internet.

In the next episode, we witnessed the compulsion of women senators to pass a bill which gave muslim men added rights to have polygamous marriages and to secure divorce and property rights of their wives.

In the final week of two thousand and five, Malaysians witnessed the tragic story of a Hindu widow, Mrs Moorthi, who was denied burial rights to her husband. The Muslim Shariah court claimed that her husband had converted to islam. However, she claimed that her husband had been practising Hindu rites until his sudden illness and death.

Though the case was fought in the high court, it was quoted in the goverment-controlled newspapers that, it had no other remedy as it had no jurusdiction over cases which involved the Syraiah Court.
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Troubled waters like those that claimed a life in the northen state of Kelantan, is an indication that the principles of justice and fairness to all in this country is as fragile as a bird's nest is on the fragile edge of the Sarawakian caves.

The good news is that there fresh streams of an awakening. Though not in the mainstream of a people-power movement, it is heartening to see voices of Jeff Ooi, row through troubled waters as
Screenshots blog.

The internet has become a voice for the voiceless, or silenced masses of Malaysia. Malaysiiakini.com has managed to survive the gag team while the
Staid Times and The Fallen Star appear to have been permitted more leash space.

An ancient Chinese proverb states that, if you want to plan for a year, grow rice; and if you want to plan for twenty years, grow trees; but if you want to plan for centuries, grow men. It a season to soar!
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"Our lives begin to end the day
  we become silent about
  the things that matter"
Martin Luther King Jr
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"One ought never to turn
one's back on a threathened
danger and try to run away
from it. If you do that, you
will double the danger. But if
you meet it promptly and
without flinching, you will
reduce the danger by half"
Sir Winston Churchill
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This is by no means an over statement, unfounded exaggeration, bashing or airing of frustration. The truth is, this is an understatement, that could have been summarizied in just one sentence:

"There is no evil and immorality under the sun that is not called for in the "holy" evil koran".

     Killing Machine

The problem with islam is that it's a religion of darkness
and anti everything good, but it's the evil that it causes in every country and society it reaches like cancer that destroys the whole body till death. Islam is a raging killing machine. It's mainstream ideology seeks to bring non-muslim peoples and nations into submission to allah. This process is often manouvered through seemingly "peaceful" methods when they are in the miniority, but manifests in bloody jihad when circumstances permit.
The day of 9/11, the last mask of islam fell of the true evil face of islam forever.
The American people had a "taste of what the rest of the world has suffered for 1426 years from the hateful deeds of
the most infamous ideology that has plauged the world and elevated killing, looting, genocide, enslaving, kidnapping, raping, and abduction of women, and children, and immorality along its bloody history to the rank of religion, making deception its foundation.

Most perverse of all, this infamous ideology commits its atrocities while claiming that it is a religion founded by a "Prophet" sent by the same God of the Bible to fulfill the message of Judaism and Christianity with a message to seal and perfect the divinie teachings of Moses and Jesus.
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Grand Mufti of Jerusalem
Haji Amin el-Husseini and his
private audience with Hitler
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an insightful analysis
a picture taken in 1943 of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haji Amin el-Husseini reviewing Bosnian troops - a unit of the "Hanjar (Saber) Division" of the Waffen SS which he personally recruited for Hitler
The Holocaust
years extended from January 30, 1933, when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, until May 8, 1945 (V-E Day), the end of World War 11in Europe
Nearly 6 million of Europe's 6 million Jews were murdered, two out of every three Jews!
Everything can be taken from a man, but the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way
Holocaust Survivor and author, Victor Frankl
Radical Islam and the rest of the world
"Muslims are obliged to consider all infidelsas the enemy"
Source: Saudi Arabian Textbooks
Islam basic concept is that the world is divided into two parts- the world of islam (Dar al-islam) and the world of heresy (Dar al-Harab). Within this conception, Islam's mission is to bring the true faith to the whole of mankind, using a variety of tactics, from education, propaganda and spiritual guidance to political subversion, terror and war.

There is a historic continuity of Islam's animosity towards the West. In this process, the United States is viewed as the Big Devil, while Israel and the Jews are regarded as the Little Devil.

Islamic engagement in violent conflicts continues around the world: From the war in Kosovo between Christian Serbs and muslim Albanians, the Israeli-Arab conflict, the war in Iraq, the civil war between Christians and muslims in Sudan.

There is the war between Christian Ethiopia and muslim Eritrea, the war in Chechnya and Daghestan. There is subversion in by Uighur muslim nationalists in Western China
Then there is war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, the struggle between muslim and Catholic Philippines over Mindano. There is the war between Indonesian muslims and Christians in East Timor. There is also a growing concern in Europe and in the US about the increasing immigration from muslim countries.

There are approximately 6,000,000 muslims living in France and many more arrive daily. Radical Islam uses "globalization" to fan the flames of anti_Semitism and a strange link is formed between radical Leftists, particularly in Europe and representatives of islamic fundamentalism.

Haji Amin Al Husseini, the former leader of the Palestenian Arabs, who colloborated with the Nazis during World War II, saw in the Nazi conception "a final solution" also to the problems of Jews living in Palestine.

During the 1960's, the anti-war movement, driven by profoundly anti-American groups whose efforts were legetimized and multiplied by the media, ultimately cause America to lose its courage and lose the war. Is the same thing happening now? That is what our Islamo-fascist enemies would love the most.
Then there is