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Oswald & Danny's Official Website - This site is still under construction and there is a front page (which looks great, I might add) and email addresses for Os and Danny. I'll continue to keep everyone posted!

The Unofficial Fan Website for Oswald & Danny - This site is nicely done and has some great pictures.


Official Amazing Race 2 website at - Self-explanatory....this is the OFFICIAL AR2 website...

Reality TV Talk - Amazing Race Forum - This is an awesome site which features a messageboard, recaps, news, and interviews. I am a moderator on the AR forum as well as the Big Brother 3 forum. I strongly encourage you to check out this site. It's great! Tell them Miss Marcy sent ya!

- WebGirlRealityTV: your friendly source for reality links

Amazing Race 2 section on Reality News Online - I LOVE Reality News Online. I actually subscribe to their newsletter. They offer articles and editorial weekly on reality shows. I hope one day they'll let me write an article. Still waiting to hear from them.....*frown*

Amazing Race 2 at - Great site to find links on contestants from AR2 and other reality shows.

Amazing Race 2 at Reality TV - Great site with cast pics, messageboards, and more!

Amazing Race at TV - Great recaps and messageboards!

Amazing Race 2 Update This is a page someone put up which has some very good recaps.

The Amazing Race Sucks site - This site is very informative about the show and has great spoilers which I find ironic since they are supposed to think the show sucks. LOL....

Orwell Project: The Amazing Race - This is a website which has commentary on the show from someone named's funny, to say the least.

Amazing Race 2 Links at Reality TV

The Practical Nomad's Amazing Race 2 page - On this page, commentaries on weekly episodes are's pretty informative.


MAC Cosmetics - Danny mentioned MAC in Episode 8 so check out the site for more info on their great makeup. Their lipsticks are fantastic!

Starbucks - When Oswald & Danny need a break from the race, what do they do? They order Mocha Frappachinos! Those things are GOOD! This is the official website. - Learn more about where Oswald & Danny live.....this is the entertainment guide for Miami, FL.

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau Website - Another great site on Miami.....if you haven't been, you should definitely visit!

The Cuban Experience - Take a moment to learn about Cuba, Oswald & Danny's native country.

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