Age: 31

Birthday and Zodiac Sign: August 19 - Leo (in every sense of the word…LOL)

Current Residence: New York City

Occupation: Website Administrator for a clothing company

My ethnic background: Puerto Rican

Most Favorite Place(s) in The World:

** dream city to live in, where they have the best dance music and clubs.

**Venice...the city with no cars, gondolas, and beautiful carnival masks.

**Hong Kong...the shopping capital of the WORLD!

**San Francisco...for obvious reasons...go Castro District!

**and...Paris...where every corner holds some kind of historical monument or statue and is beautiful. Versailles was breathtaking.

***I am so blessed and grateful that I got to visit all of these cities and others.***

Hobbies and Loves: Traveling, shopping, photography, and basically just being on the computer!

Some of my other favorite TV shows (besides AR2):

Survivor - The first great reality show that set off the reality show craze. CBS, Thursday nights, 8pm.

Alias - If you haven’t watched this show yet, something is wrong with you…just kidding. Jennifer Garner kicks ass as a CIA double agent and makes it look easy. She won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series so don’t sleep her! Check it out…it has been renewed for a second season so you’re not too late to get hooked. ABC, Sunday nights, 9pm.

Roswell - *Sigh* I have a knack for falling in love with shows that get canceled. Roswell is one of them. It’s been on for 4 years and it’s an awesome show. Series finale aired on May 14, 2002. UPN, Tuesday nights at 9pm (after Buffy).

Queer As Folk - This one’s self-explanatory…as my love and support for gay men is sooo obvious…this is the ultimate gay primetime soap opera. Showtime, Sundays, 10pm.

Felicity - *Sigh* Another great show that has been canceled after being on the air for 4 years. Series finale aired May 22, 2002. *Sniffle* And to top things off, they aired it against AR2 so I had to tape it. Whatever...well, at least the reruns will air on the WE network in the Fall. It's better than nothing. The WB Network, Wednesdays, 9pm

Honorable mentions: Angel, Smallville, Gilmore Girls, and Once and Again. Once and Again is another show that has been canceled this season. I swear…the state of TV has gone to s**t. But that's my personal opinion. =)

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