My Hobbies

And various other things I like...

            My Dogs!  They consume a great portion of my life.

            The house.  I knew that owning a house meant a lot of work...
            But it NEVER ends.  However, I am very thankful to have my own place!

            This web page.

            Some of my favorite movies are:
                The Disney animated Classic

            Some of my favorite books and authors are:
                Nicholas Sparks - all of his books are awesome.  Don't pick one up if you can't finish it soon.
                JD Robb - the Eve Dallas series.  If you ignore all of the sex scenes, the plot is great.

            I've started Tae Kwon Do again.  The physical fitness part is great and I'm meeting new people, which is good.

            Don't worry, there are a lot more things I like to do...just need to find time to write about them!