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Yes it's finally here, 2003 is upon us and I would like to wish you all the best for the coming months.  Lets hope that it will be a good year for  all, making each  of us a little older, a little wiser and a lot whackier ;-)

YAY me I won an award...well Plummy and I won an award, please check out the link in Time to Brag.

I have added a new section to my site for any aspiring authors/poets who would like somewhere to host their work.  If you're interested in having your creativity displayed here, please email me.

I currently have two poems submitted by Willowluv, both of which are  nominted in 'The Vamped Awards' and are really beautiful pieces of work, so please check them out in the 'Poetry & Prose' section.

Also added a special tribute to Joey's favourite

Poetry and Prose has been updated with a beautiful Willow/Tara poem from Webby/Spheres (thanks kitten) please check it out.

Willowluv also won a TVA award for his poem 'Sacrifice' as posted here,  so congratulations 'Luv. 

Keep 'em coming people :-)

Miss_UK (13/03/03)
Thanks to Blue_Rose for my Dru-Doll
Please visit her site via Kinky Links