Welcome to Elvis and Priscilla's Place!! So happy that you found this site in the midst of cyberspace! :o) I guess you could say that this is a personal dedication site to show the love I have for Elvis and the admiration I have for his former wife Priscilla. I am 20 and have loved Elvis for 13 years, and am a fan of Priscilla. She is such a great mother, wife, actress and bussinesswoman. And on top of all that she is a very beautiful woman! Of course we all know that Elvis had good taste in everything!!! To me, I think that it was written in the stars for them to be together, even though that things do not always turn out like we want them too. They were marvelous together I think!!!

I hope you will take your time through here. I hope you will like it. I will be trying to add more things when I get the time, so please come back often! Thank you!
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