This page was created for my 7th grade students & their parents
as a resource for the topics we're studying in class.

Glen Landing Middle School, Gloucester Township, NJ

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Some professional resources I use in my classroom.

Stuff Related to Class:

Combining Like Terms
Distributive Property
Order of Operations

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See also(link below): Introduction to Algebra

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You can make worksheets on many topics.  Each worksheet is unique (unlimited practice) and you can have an answer key sent to your inbox.

Explore Math, Have some FUN!
Eratosthenes            Building Big (from PBS)

   Integers           Imaginary Numbers

Project Guidelines & Requirements

Check out these links:

Algebra Vocabulary
games to help students learn 15 critical vocabulary terms
> Introduction to Algebra  <
 explanations an practice with foundational Algebra skills
Algebra Solutions
explanations & practice problems
for many Algebra concepts
a great game of visual perception & the concept of sets
help for math homework &
word problems
 a great resource dealing with all four operations
Math: Help for Parents Who Hate Numbers
An interesting article from MSN, offers some ideas for getting over the hurdle of math (for those with elementary children, too!)
 Algebra Word Problems
One variable, beginning Algebra I students.  Mini tutorial also included. *
 Equations with Variables on Both Sides
Practice equations with answers. *
 Practice Word Problems for Algebra
Great site!
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* Personally developed page.


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