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JENNIFER working at School.
This is Rainbow Falls in the Smokie Mtns. This place is near
Gallinburg off the Rolling Fork Road Tour.  We had hiked a 2.7mile trail filled with inclines and several ridges to get here. It was tough but well worth it!
(June 2000)
How the Otter met the Rabbit:
It was a hard and long typical day for me at school.  I decided to goto the Greater Jackson Community Band which was located 2 miles from my house.  I almost didn't stop home, but something kept urging me to for some reason.  So went my intusion and went, and to my surprise...I met the princess holding the key to my unending love life.  She was visiting my cousin, whoes from Taiwan and now lives with us in Mississippi USA to goto school and learn English.  From the moment Jennifer's eyes and mine met, I felt a rushing joy which overwelmed me.   So overwelming it was uncontrolable.  I was so happy that I forgot that I ever had a bad day in my life or even that one ever even existed.  It was like all of the world's problems was just that in the world.  I was in outter space somewhere.  We started talking and getting  to know each other and began our journey with many pages to fill.
Jennifer and I became engaged on June 17th, 2000.  We were at Melton Lake Park on the river bank at 9:30 p.m.  with the moon gazing over the water's reflection and light bugs flashed away the night.  The air was calm and fresh with the mountain's breeze over head.  There we were sitting on a park bench admiring each other in the sight of our Lord through Jesus Christ. 
We had marked Melton Lake Park as ours and a Japanesse Restraunt called TOMO's in the Old City as our restraunt and also the long rough hike to Rainbow Falls in the smokies as our beginning stronghold to grow from.  First to creek, second to river, then to the lake or ocean in overwelming love and prosperity to each other and in Christ.
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