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Hello, and welcome to my site. I am Jessica ,and I'll be your hostess through out these pages.Don't forget to sign my guestbook, and or drop me an email.I just love feed back. Eventually I hope this site will help myself as well as others, better understand ourselves, so that we may lead Happy and productive lives. Also in these pages I hope to introduce to you a beautiful person that has guided me, loved me,and stood behind me even though I know in my heart she hasn't always understood me, My wife. Without her constant love and  support this site would not have been be possible.
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so what am I like? click on my profile to find out.
A work in progress.The story of who I am,and how I got where I am today.
Here are some of my favorite TG related sites.
Check back often as the site is new and will be updating quite often.My apologies for anything that doesnt work , or isnt finished during the construction.I will try to bring things up and running as fast as possible.I plan to add more sections including support for TG's and the people who love them.Also We are interested in forming a local support group, so if you live in or around the area of northeastern Massachusetts, drop me a line. Thanks again to all.     Hugs.......Jessica =)
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Click here to see what's new with me,my wife,my family, and with transitioning in general. Posts are arranged by date and are many times listed next to a link that will take you to a more in depth.account of the topic.So you can find out a little, or a lot. =)
An area I've set aside to answer any questions you might have about myself, my life, or maybe even advice your looking for.Ill do my best and maybe even ask a few questions myself.
New Photographs
Here you'll find a fresh batch of my newest photos.I think my looks are improving with age. =) You be the judge.

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