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Sense and Sensibility
Just a little insight on what the team does in free time, pretty inspectacular in a hollywood sense. Nothing will explode or be shot. Probably... but there will be some Fluff and Classics - and it's McWeir.
My first-ever posted Fiction, which also combined the great pleasure to use my favourite first and last line ever. Guess which? The beginning is from Pride & Prejudice, all time favourite book, the end is from Casablanca, one of the best movies ever. The plot is again McWeir, and this time, I smuggled in some Austen. Rodney makes a handsome Edmund, doesn't he?
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J'ai tant rv de toi...
A poem makes Rodney realize quite a lot- especially how hopeless his life is... when things do take a different turn. McWeir obviously.
Considering my pen-name, my favourite couple is fairly easy to guess, and all my Atlantean stories evolve around the two doctors (so far). I also do like to involve poetry, which I did in this one. J'ai tant rv de toi by Robert Desnos is a source of emotional inspiration, although my english translation lacks raffinesse.
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Nominated for:
Resolution AGC 2005/ 001
Forum: Atlantis General Convention
Question of: Status of nationality
Something I wanted to write for quite some time and which really is a subject close to my heart. Honestly, how can you expect  that aliens find their way through this system... " Well, we ARE from the same planet, but....I am United States Air Force, he is a Russian Submarine Captain, and that guy actually is a Cambodian stick fighter, so you see - BIG difference." Have a pity with those poor non- Terrestrians, and let's just all call ourselves Tau'ri when offworld. It has a much nicer ring to it, too..
NB: The format is THIMUN/ Affiliated (except for the missing line numbers that I apparently am not allowed to submit with page builder) and may differ from UNA-USA formalities.
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