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May 13th - Delegates participate in parade
Images of Miss Puerto Rico, Cynthia Olavarria participating of the delegates' parade in Bangkok, Thailand.
Below, a group of Miss Universe delegates participating of the parade in Bangkok, Thailand.
Miss Colombia during the parade.
Miss Greece in the parade.
Miss Sth. Africa in the parade.
Miss Canada in the parade.
May 14th - Welcome Dinner
Left, Miss Puerto Rico, in the welcome dinner, held at the Royal Navy Club, in Bangkok.
Below, Misses Uruguay, Spain, PR, SriLanka and Namibia, during the dinner.
The current Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins, poses with the 81 delegates, participating in this year's edition of the Miss Universe pageant
May 18th - Auction, Aids Vigil, Swimsuit Tapings
Misses Bolivia, Belize, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, at the annual auction, hosted by the Miss Universe Organization to benefit the Tsunami victims.
Misses India, Puerto Rico, Namibia, Norway, Mexico and Japan are photographed while participating in a vigil to remember Aids victims.
Caribbean Beauties!  Misses Curacao, Puerto Rico and Aruba, pose in their swimsuits, while taping some images for the final telecast of the pageant.
Above, a group of misses pose while filming some images for the final telecast of the pageant.  Left, Misses Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Spain
Miss Universe 2005 - Page 1
Miss Universe 2005 - National Costume Competition
Miss Universe 2005 - Preliminary Competition
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Image credits: AFP, Yahoo News, Thai Miss