Welcome to my lil page.
I've been making web pages for quite a while now.
Just my personal feelings and moods
that I combined with music and poetry.
Some are dedications to very special people.
Please feel free to look through them
and I hope you enjoy them
as much as I did making them.

My latest creations are at the top of the list.

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These pages were made for me by my best friend Doreen {Forever-Doe}

A Friend To Me

If You Leave

The Person Who Means The World To Me...Misty

Please visit my best friend, Doreen's home on the web.

... doegraphix.com ...

And last but not least here's Shawn's(Tuv) Page.
He's a really good friend of mine and although he thinks I always forget him
I promise I didn't forget you Shawn. {Tuvvy Wuvvy}

Tuvvy Wuvvy's Page
Tuvvy's Page


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