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Very Simliar to how I feel
I decided it was finally time to create a web site
about my life's trials, errors, hurts, real me.
I sketched this art of me, with the way I see
myself in the mirror.
Some of the pages will be about things, I have
kept private, eating away at me.
It is said to write down your feelings, to help
understand it all.
Some pages will not be so nice and other's
will be about happy times also.
~Childhood, Teenager, Adult~
If some of this may offends you, just exit*
Pages (c) Willis-Green-Armstong~2004
ItDoesMatter (c) A.Kraus-From My CD
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Why Us Daddy
Our Mother
Teenage Years
First Marriage
Second Marriage
My Girls
~Then Comes Years After~
You Sent Roses
My Loving Sister's
Beautiful Daughter's
First Real Date
Not Forgotten
Where Are My Friends
The Best To Come
Soul Of Blue Eyes
Leaving Shades Of Blue
Another Glance
sketch of me, drawn by me....2004
Crystal Vision
I Must Admit