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Ballymoney Mitchelburne Branch Club will be holding the next monthly meeting on Friday 16th February 2007 at 8 pm.  New members will be initiated into the Branch Club and arrangements made for Easter Monday 2007 in Kilkeel.
Date of Next Meeting
Ballymoney Mitchelburne Branch Club will be attending the Easter Monday demonstration on Monday 9th April 2007 in the town of Kilkeel, County Down.  As usual the Club will be accompanied by Drumaheagles Young Defenders Flute Band.

Final arrangements in regards to times of departure and arrival will be posted shortly and final ticket prices for the Coaches.

Please check back regularly to keep up to date with the arrangements..
Easter Monday 9th April 2007
Ballymoney Mitchelburne Branch Club will again be holding our Annual Burning of Lundy parade in Ballymoney on Saturday 3rd November 2007.  Brethren and bands are asked to assemble at Ballymoney Orange Hall at 7:30 pm with parade moving off at 8 pm.  The parade will pause while the effigy is lit and then continue to return back at Ballymoney Orange Hall.  All Apprentice Boys, Loyalist Bands and Orange Brethren/Sisters/Juniors are invited to attend and parade.
Burning of Lundy Parade, Ballymoney
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Ballymoney Mitchelburne Branch Club will be holding a Disco and Loyalist Band Concert after our Burning of Lundy parade on Saturday 3rd November 2007.  The final line up of bands performing will be posted on the website.

All loyalists welcome - All proceeds are in aid of Branch Club funds.
Disco & Band Concert in Manor Hotel, Ballymoney