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Welcome to Mitchs Site. I'm Mitch, I work on this site in my free time and only because its fun. I'm going to try to update my site every day but that probably won't last forever. If you have any questions, comments, or if you find any typos please e-mail me at mitchs_site@sbcglobal.net. Don't forget to sign my guest book before you leave.

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04/06/06 - Action game added, Territory War
04/05/06 - Monthly poll changed
04/04/06 - Strategy game added, Turrent defense
04/03/06 - My article added, April fools 2006
04/02/06 - Update archive added, March 2006
04/01/06 - Site theme changed to Girlie theme
Should I get rid of the music page since it is illegal and I never update it?
04/06/06 - Turrent defense moved to strategy game section.
04/04/06 - Just so you know tommorow, 3 seconds after it
000000000turns 1:02, the official time will be ------> 00000000001:02:03 04/05/06! This wont happen again for 000000000100 years.
04/02/06 - APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!! That whole site theme
000000000change was my great april fools joke click here if 000000000you missed it.
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