from the cover of Tales of Mithgar
At long last you have reached the end of your long quest for knowledge. You have traversed the length and breadth of the land, traveling through dozens of nations and kingdoms, in search of the ultimate tome of knowledge, containing the history of Mithgar. You've dared the Great Maelstrom and the cold Boreal Sea. You have seen the far coast of the Weston Ocean and visited the island of Rwn. Braved the Straits of Kistan and sailed the wide Avagon Sea.

from the cover of Into the Forge
You have wandered the dusty deserts of Sarain and The Karoo, and climbed the heights of the Rigga, Grimwall and Jangdi Mountains. Seen the sprawling cities of Caer Pendwyr and Janjong to the tiny villages of Morkford and Inge. You've hiked from the Warrow Boskydells through Dwarven Kraggen-Cor and Elven Darda Galion to the Wizardholt of Black Mountain itself.

from the cover of The Dragonstone
Finally your journey has ended. You walked for days and find yourself lost in the wilderness, but actually you've found your goal. As you enter a mysterious glade of ancient Eld Trees, the air seems to shimmer. Up ahead you see a gigantic ornately carved tree stump. Within an alcove rests a small leather-bound book with a plain metal clasp. As you open it and begin to read, you see all of the evil deeds ever righted and all the dark mysteries ever solved. You turn the pages and realize like time itself the book keeps going on.

from the cover of Into the Fire
Strangely there are more pages in the small volume than should be possible. You see battles fought and wars won, heros born and villains vanquished. You have found a treasure more valuable than all the riches in the world. You have discovered MithgarPedia!

from the cover of Eye of the Hunter