Paul Elliott

I began writing at Cardiff University in 1989 while I studied for my honours degree in Ancient History. At first I wrote book reviews, but soon I was writing articles for hobby magazines. After I graduated in 1991 I approached
Steve Jackson Games to write a gaming supplement for their GURPS roleplaying game - called Atomic Horror it allowed games to be set in the 1950's B-Movie genre. This first stepping stone allowed my to get into mainstream publishing in 1995 with my first non-fiction book, Warrior Cults. This was followed up rapidly with Vietnam: Conflict & Controversy, and then Brotherhoods of Fear. My last book was Assassin! All the books were published by Cassell books of London.   

Most of my writing career was spent in Canterbury, England, where my wife, Christine, was studying to be a teacher. While I was there I did alot of roleplaying, and wrote a number of games and game ideas, including my personal favourite: Zaibatsu. The gaming group I had there were fantastic, picking up any game or setting with ease and really having fun with it. Thanks, guys!

In recent years I moved back up North with my wife where we live by the sea in East Yorkshire. We both work at a local school and bring up our son, Bradley, along with one cat and four (!) house rabbits.

I have a real passion for history of all kinds, but particularly ancient history and archaeology. In the summer of 1999 I did some voluntary work in the basement of Scarborough Museum, repacking and cataloguing a tiny part of their Palaeolithic collection. I'd have loved to have done more .. Now I have my own collection of artefacts, some purchased, some discovered by luck (my Roman pottery from Cyprus) and some by perseverance (Neolithic blades from the summit of Langdale mountain in the Lake District!).

Paul Elliott ~~

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Me & Bradley at the Main Gate of Tiryns, birthplace of Hercules (some say) in Greece, 2003