Here I can collect together an assorted batch of writings and links, some to do with my writing career, some with history and the rest to do with that obscure hobby called roleplaying.
~ Paul Elliott
Zozer Games is the name of my web-page devoted to developing roleplaying games. Find an explanation of what they are on that page, along with games of all kinds and lots of links and other goodness.
My wife Christine is responsible for the acquisition of (at present) six rabbits! Over the years we've learnt alot about their care. On Christine's Rabbit Page you'll find advice, links and her own bunny bio-graphies!
I've been on a number of bronze casting courses to find out how metal working was carried out in the bronze age. My photos and accounts are here.
Ancient slinging techniques, as practised over the summer on Bridlington beach. Thoughts on how it went ... here.