Welcome to our site!

This is a site dedicated to the members of the band otherwise known as Interpol.  Hope you like it.  The current theme for the website is Gloomy Days For Interpol just for the sake that a whole bunch of fnagirls are opening a site about them that might lead to lots of restraining orders.

11/27/04 - Jessica again
Well I managed to get the group image gallery to work but I think it might take me a while to get this whole site up.  I'll make sure that there are no more broken links. *sighs* Meh I also go the Paul gallery up too...
11/25/04 - Jessica
Site not open yet but just the layout all in order and the little button things are working though the links are broken :( Hope to be done soon!
disclaimer: we do not own anything to do with Interpol though we would like to own the band!