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9th grade - During 9th grade, I really didn't think much in the way of College. I got good grades, maintained a 4.0. I had several tough teachers, and took a severely tough course, Geometry. My schedule included the following: English 1, Communications, Typing, Physical Science, Civics, World Geography, and Geometry. My toughest class was definately Geometry, because the teacher was incredibly hard. My advice to anyone with a tough teacher is to suck up as much as possible and work your butt off. *LOL*

10th grade - My easiest year in school yet! I thought about college some, mainly fearing it. hehe I continued to maintain a 4.0. My toughest class this year was World History. (Another strict teacher! She was good though!) My classes: U.S. Government, Economics, World History, Spanish 1, English 2, Algebra 2, and Biology. My favorite class was Biology. (I will not become a doctor, though!!!!! LOL- Dissection turned me against it!) I took the SAT and received a 1250 in it. *big smiles* I will take it again, though. I began to receive college information. (tons and tons and tons!!!)

11th grade - I'm now in the 11th grade. I am taking: SAT Prep, Creative Writing, Spanish 2, English 3, Algebra 3, U.S. History, and Chemistry. I plan on visiting a few colleges and trying to decide on what I want to do for the rest of my life. Right now I'm considering something with computers....I need to research a lot more of different majors. I'm starting to receive invitations from different colleges to tour the campus, phone calls asking me to take surveys about different colleges, and also applications. I won't start sending in applications until my senior year, though.


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