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Ok. this is where I live .. the lucky country ..down under ..yep.. Australia :o)
I'm in  Western Australia .. Perth

  Drugs and the impact they are having on our society

The government.. always lining their own pockets

  Discrimination.. of any kind

The way the world has become greedy for possesions and
has  forgoten about the important things in life

  That theres so many starving people and wars around the world

Thoughtless people

The way the justice system works for the criminal and not the victims

The way the gay community has to fight for what they
want, let them have choices like the rest of us

Two faced, back stabbing people and bitchy women

People that are careless with their shopping trolly's and car doors when near a new car in carparks

Osama Bin Laden and his followers

Going for a nice long walk at the beach
then lazing in the sun
(with a scotch & coke!!)

Listening to all kinds of music from
the 70's to the modern day

I love flying so
I try to travel as much as I can

You'll find me pottering
around in the garden  
as I love my plants

Chatting here on the net
and having a great laugh ,
you meet so many wonderfull
people from all over the world
..isn't technology just great!!

Curled up by the fire
watching the footy (AFL) on a wet ol day
or watching a good movie ..
I like true life stories , horror,action  & comedy
oh.. & anything that has Brad Pitt in it :o)

I was born in Southampton England on December 29th 1962
( opps now you know my age)
That makes me a capricorn
I arrived here in Western Australia by  ship (The Northern Star) in 1969  at the age of 6 and have called Australia home ever since.The only sibbling I have is an older brother Paul  and of course I have my terrific parents Mum & Dad .. oh , you want their names? Elaine & Mike!!
~This is me .. Jan and my two beautiful children~
Tammie & Luke
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