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28th of October
Battle of the space babes! Mamadila vs the princess daughter.

The diary has been running 3 weeks, an update every day.
An update each day to come...

7th of October
A brand new week, a brand new experiment: I've started a diary, attempting to chronicle the adventures of Tex, 7, Ron and Carver as they plough through the role-playing game I've written.

1st of October
As news reached me on Burger King getting to sell Lord of the Rings toys in their kiddy meals, I just couldn't resist but to delve into the matter of fast food toys.

30th of September 2001
A brand new photo report. This one by a close friend who visited the west coast of America last year!!!

Updated the backgrounds to make them more coherent.

28th of August 2001
The Dark Tower 7 has been opened. It's exactly the same message board as the Dark Tower 6, but with less posts.
The reason? The Dark Tower 6 has been closed down. All discussion will now take place on 7.

7th of August 2001

And to celebrate the release name of the 5th star wars film, I've added a new article on cloning.

5th of August 2001
GTX's photo report has disappeared due to hackers attacking httpcities.
Smeagol has added a brand new photo report on his girlfriend to his photo report site!

24th of July 2001
Various important characters from the Star Wars universe comment on Darth Bush....

21st of July 2001
Robert DeNiro as the new Anakin? Yes...it's a reality that just has to be!

19th of July 2001
A third part has been added to the D.I.C.K. section. This time it's on cloning.
Soothslow has added a second part to his 'mainly knick knacks' photo report.

15th of July 2001
A complete overhaul of the LOTR-great debates section.
It's now called D.i.c.k.
I've added two new great debates as well!

14th of July 2001
The 20th photo report has been added.
I'm so proud I'll have to drink a beer a day for a month to celebrate!!!!
This time thanks to Sooth!

3rd of July 2001
A brand new photo report by Shay. Some call him Ugly Troll, others call him Shay40.
Whatever you call him, the photo report is great!

7th of June 2001
The 18th photo report has been added! Silverwordz's new appartment and her trip to Wisconsin....more to come!

1st of June 2001
Well! I've started a socialist-rant page. It was a long time coming, but seeing the great protests apparant on our planet, seeing Americans plea socialist issues....and considering the mere fact that it feels like capitalism is crumbling around the edges....I've at long last put it up.
I haven't linked it anywhere but here yet.......*shrugs*

27th of May 2001
The extended rules for TWAK have been improved. Version 1.1 is now downloadable!
The difference is in the skills section. One no longer needs to go up a grade to achieve a higher skill.
One must invest in the same point system as in version 1.0, but the difference between careers is no longer in allocated slots, but in the amount of points needed!
(it's much clearer in the rules-supplement).

24th of May 2001
Well, it's been some time since the last update, and even then, this one is not about my page, but about Harold the Hobbits The Netizens....
There's a new section called: "I died last Tuesday."
Well worth checking out!

Besides this, a friend of mine has started a web site about her friends brand new baby. Like all other babies, its head is too big for its body and its balder than I. Check it out!

21st of April 2001
The first extended rules for TWAK have been added. They include wage/price lists, Rune magic and skill maximums.

20th of April 2001
Great news! A Belgian role-playing group is playing TWAK. Tomorrow I'll be adding additional rules and tables (hopefully) for the moment I've enhanced the ART section of my site. My work and work by a Belgian artist named Obscure!

16th of April 2001
Changed the URL of Smeagol's photo report. I don't know what was wrong with the last one.....seemed fine to me!

9th of April 2001
Brand new photo report by Smeagol. It's his first one, but certainly not his last!

18 March 2001
The alpha test version of my WW2 simulation game is now on-line.
Oh yes....no rest for the weary!
Soon I will add some scenic photographs of the game in action....(does my nerdiness know no limits?)

15 March 2001
Did the Shire really exist? Do hobbits exist? I went and found out for you!

13 March 2001
Part two of Soothfast's Desert wanderings is upon us. Adequately titled: Desert wanderings II.

3 photo reports in 1 week...and The Third Tower has passed the 200 mark! Wow.....

10 March 2001
What a great little weekend this is turning out to be!
No less than 2 new photo reports.

The first one is part one of a two part report on an American desert. Soothslow at his best!

The second is a major report by Miranda on her 5 week trip through Peru and bolivia.

28 February 2001
In anticipation of my latest SIM game, I've put up a page, revealing the very basics....

23 February 2001

brand new great debate added to the collection!

Lovely Liv's lost lovers.....

16 February 2001

Due to much moaning and whining by certain individuals, known to me, about the graphic intensity of the front page, I have obliged and re-created the front page.

There is now a double choice! Yes....you can choose the slow, but ulitmately perfect route of JAVA-heaven, supported by HH's Ron.

Or you can settle for the fast route....fast and pretty much dull.
Ultimately you'll end up at the same place.