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* Who's got the ring now?
* The Burger King toy fiasco.
* Did you know that the Shire really exists?
* Who should have become lovely Liv's lover?
* Do you know what Sauron really looked like?
* Why was Goldberry scrapped from the script?
* The immortality of Orcs discussed!
* Was Tolkien a racist? Or is it all a load of old bollocks?
* Should DeNiro have gotten the Sam Gamgee role?
* Who's da babe? Who's da sexiest bitch of them all?
* Were the Hobbits a bunch of pipeweed smoking hippy junkies?
* How will PJ make the ring-bearer disappear?
* Do Balrog's have wings?: The wings or balls debate
* The great Nazgul debate: Evil or lame?
* The sexuality of Orcs: Was Tolkien pro-gay rights?
The great banner competition
Can you create great banners? Funny banners? Amusing banners? Splendid banners or artistically endowed banners?        Take a look here!!!
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
* Should love be a part of Star Wars?
* The space battle of the babes: mother vs daughter.
* Research into various terms in the cloning debate.
* Various interviews on the Darth Bush issue.
* Who better to portray Anakin in part 3 than Robert DeNiro?
* Light-gadgets from the Jedi's guide to outdoor sports
* A few extra space ship designs to help George out.
* Who should we not clone....and why?