Driver Found.
The Audi S4
Pixel Paint
Team CIA
Form 1
Form 2
Floor Plan
1.  Animated Banner 450 x 40 that includes the words
GIF Animation.
2.  Definition for "GIF" Animation (Include a link to
the web site for the online dictionary http://m-w.com
or http://computeruser.com/
Definition for: GIF

Graphics Interchange Format.A format used for displaying bitmap 
images on World Wide Web pages, usually called a "gif" because .gif is 
the filename extension.These files use lossless compression and can have 
256 colors.JPEG and GIF are commonly used for images on the Web; JPEG 
is considered best for photos and GIF for other graphic images.
3.  My Examples of GIF Animation
    3A) TeamCIA class slogan:  This animation will
present the classroom slogan, "What do you want to
learn today?" TeamCIA.  You must include at least one
image transition. The animation must hyperlink to
http://TeamCIA.com  The frame delay speed must be
adjusted to allow for the slogan to be read. The
animation will be 150 x 50 pixels.
    3B) Motivational Quote Animation: This animation
will be a positive and motivational quote by a known
author.  Images must be included to support the quote.
 You may place more then one word in a cell. This
animation could be built with a minimum of 2 cells! 
Your animation will finish with the Author's name.
Animation sizes to use are:
1/2 banner size 234 x 60
square 125 x 125
vertical 120 x 240 
Need to find a quote?  Try these links...
  This quote was said to me by an old friend, 
Jeff Kopko.  THe frames are 60/100 of a second.  
     3c) Animate your Micro Button:  The size was 88 x
31 pixels. The button will advertise your web site
using your screen name.  This button will prompt users
to click the button.  You must place one classmates
animated micro button along with your own button on
your animation page. 
       here is my friends button
I made this button with the help from Luke.  It is a link to 
my website.  
     3d)  Animate a photograph. Using your favorite
car, you will create an animated advertisement for the
car manufacture. The animation must include words or a
slogan from the auto manufacturer. The size of this
animation will be 250 x 125 pixels
This is on one of my favorite cars, the volkswagen GTI.  It 
is set for 50/100 frames per second
4.  Writing
5.  Skills for Animation
Image Transition Image Effects Text Effects
Frame Properties Frame Delays Paste to Frame
Looping Different Backgrounds Optimization
6.  Online Resources: 
    Buy Animation Shop
    GIF Artist Guild
7.  Online Tutorials
    Jasc Animation Tutorials
    New Dawn Micro Animation
    Computer Help Animation Tutorial
8.  Careers
     1. Cartoonist
     2. Web designer