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The Volkswagen GTI is an awesome compact sports car.  It is a quick car that is made to handle good.  I own a 1998. GTI's have been made since 1983. Here are some information of earlier models.  


fielding.jpg - 7.85 K The MK1Rabbit        The MK1 was first introduced in America in 1983.  It was made to be very reliable, and to handle well.  The MK1 body (mark one) was in production from 1983 until 1986.  It is personally one of my favorite generations of GTI's

garcia.jpg - 6.82 KThe Mk2 GTI         The MK2 was in production from 1987 until 1993.  This car came with either a 8 valve or 16 valve 4 cylinder engine.  This particular car is hard to find anymore in America, however the MK2 is still frequently used in Europe. 

                                                     The MK3 GTI          The MK3 was a large step for GTI's, because it was now available with Volkswagens VR6 engine.  The VR6 was specifically redesigned to fit inside a GTI, and gave it 174 horsepower stock, giving it the name "The Pocket Rocket".

hagen.jpg - 8.70 KThe MK4 GTI          The MK4 came out in late 1999, and is known as the "new body style".  You can get this car in the VR6 engine, or in a 4 cylinder turbo charged 1.8 liter engine.  the 2002 Models of the GTI can come with a Tiptronic semi-automatic transmission, or in a new 6 speed gear box.  The 2002 GTI is one of my favorite cars out there right now besides the AUDI S4.

All of the Information I gathered on this page was from the International GTI Website. The Pocket Rocket