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This utility will allow you to generate a "fantasy" (or "non-fantasy") scenario according to your settings.

By: Moctezuma

Current version: 1.16


- every nation begins with one starting province (or several if Accelerated Start is enabled)
- starting province: random or historical
- religion in provinces: random or historical
- terrain and climate in provinces generated according to user settings
- trade goods in provinces generated according to terrain, climate and continent specifics
- CoT placement generated according to nation starting provinces
- possibility to play with up to 90 nations!
- for each nation you can individually specify starting gold, tech, army, navy and so on
- simple map editor where you can manually edit goods, terrain, climate and religion in provinces
- and much more...

Latest News

Unlimited Time Patch is now available for download (see download section).
This patch allows you to design and play any scenario since 0 AD afterwards.
Before using please read readme_unlimited.txt file in the archive.
Warning: This patch is not compatible with Safedisk protected North American version.

Thanks Stefan Huszics for the creation of this webpage and everyone who is supporting this project with bug reporting and suggestions!
If you have some cool idea which can be implemented by editing of text files don't hesitate to send me an email!

Download & Notes

Download file: (340kB) Mirror site

It should work OK with all language versions of the game.

Any comments, suggestions and bugs (of course;)) please send to: Moctezuma

If you have experience with game crashes while playing generated scenario please send me province.csv and random.eug files in zip archive so I can easily reproduce the problem and correct it in the future versions.

Unlimited Time Patch download: (120kB) Mirror site


EU Generator

Version History

New in version 1.16
- The map is now scaled down: usable on all systems due to less system resource 
- Numerous changes to make the game harder/more interesting in the non-fantasia 
  - every nation gets explorer with very low statistics.
  - default starting size = 3
  - each starting province has at least minimal fortress
    (with new Big Fortress option at least small fortress)
  - major advantage can be negative (i.e. major disadvantage)
  - default colonial dynamism = 2
  - default starting relations are random
  - default stability impact on tax is higher
  - changes in province characteristics: colonial and trading difficulty, 
    income, manpower, native population
  - higher nationalism in Europe.

New in version 1.15b
- New button: Abort in Map Screen to abort generation if you are not satisfied 
  with currently generated scenario.
Bug fixed:
- Program freezes during generation if number of nations is lower, equal 
  or only slightly higher than number of CoTs => fixed.

New in version 1.15
- Generator is now EU 1.09 compatible:  "Database Mismatch" error caused by
  id conflicts is fixed.
- New option 'Double Size' in Nations (Advanced) tab.
  If enabled individual country sizes (from EUGenerNations.csv) are doubled.
- New AI files for major nations if historical starting positions are used.
- Program now by default generates non-fantasia scenarios (with usable political map).
  Thanks to new 1.09 version of game are these scenarios very stable now.
  (no single game crash experienced during my testing :)
- Algorithm to find nearest free coast province in the non-fantasy mode is improved.
- Minor changes in nation statistics and placement.
Bug fixed:
- Bug in accelerated start algorithm leading to rare crashes during generation 
  is fixed.

New in version 1.14c
- executable is compressed by UPX

New in version 1.14b
- game crashbug introduced in 1.14 is fixed.

New in version 1.14
- Nation starting location randomization now supports following modes:
   - historical
   - slightly randomized 
     (capital is randomly moved from historical location, algorithm uses 
      adjacent provinces)
   - random (no dependency on historical location)
- New option: Starting BadBoy value.
- Multiselection for  terrain/climate/goods/religion editing:
   Drag the mouse over the map with left button pressed.
- Political map on Map screen (view only).
   Use buttons with nation names to center map on nation capital.
- changes in continent settings in province.csv (it helps AI)
- changes in province adjacency table

New in version 1.13
- Simple Map Editor for goods/terrain/climate/religion editing in provinces.
  Main menu: Map Editor -> Enabled. If you want to use it permanently 
  change EditorEnabled;0 to EditorEnabled;1 in EUGener.csv. 
  See Readme_Gen.txt for usage.
- Generator now supports countries from Improved Grand Campaign:
  Press Nation Stats -> Use ICG stats. To do it permanently open EUGener.csv 
  in text editor and change line: NationStats;0 to NationStats;1 .
Bug fixed:
- Program now automatically detects non-compatibility and uses
  alternative pixel-based method for drawing of map. (If you notice delays when
  the map screen shows or when you change the map mode this is probably your case).

New in version 1.12
- New options: Goods Prices and Randomize prices in Economy (Trade) tab.
  (File goods.csv is generated)
- New options: Province tax. value and Stability Impact in Economy tab.
  (File tax_stab.csv is generated)
- New option: AI can change religion in Religion tab
- Minor tweak in religion placement.
Bug fixed:
- The map now should be visible even though an error occurs during drawing. 
  The error message: "The parameter is incorrect" which appears on some systems 
  when map screen is shown is replaced (better debugging). 
  (To everyone who reported this problem: Please inform me if the problem 
  still persist!)

New in version 1.11
- In the scenario only mode is religion in provinces defined in EUG file. 
  (nation religion and province religion owned by nation should be the same)
- Religion setting are now available in scenario only mode
- Minimap in Map screen is now available.
- Starting tech levels little raised (AI is always too slow in research).
- Minor tweak in CoT, goods, religion and national provinces placement.
- Nation names are changed (according english text.csv).
- New colors for political map: copy colorscales.csv to Map directory: orange 
  is replaced with cyan => country borders will be better visible in fantasy mode
  (thanks Robo:
Bug fixed:
- Cancel in Select Majors screen now works correctly.
- Quick start now works for all nations.
- Revolt.txt change (I hope this helps to fix rare crashes of game in non-fantasy 

New in version 1.1
- Map for easy selection of starting provinces and scenario preview is now 
  available in GUI !
  - advanced mode for selection of majors is available in the Nations (basic) tab
    (left click on map => select province, right click => center map, 
    buttons with colored circles on right side => select majors)
  - to see scenario preview you must first enable Preview in the Main Menu.
    Preview is then shown automatically when you press Run! to generate scenario 
    (after everything is done).
  Note: Due multiplayer reasons is information that preview is enabled visible
        in the game in country selection screen.
- New option: Don't change Asia in Provinces tab.
- New option: Randomize 'unknown' nations only in Nations (basic) tab.
- New option: Terrain/Climate dependency in Trade Tab.
Fixed Bugs:
- crashbug when new nation rises from revolt fixed: revolt.txt is now valid
- trade gods in Africa are now correct.

New in version 1.04:
- Program now generates also Revolt.txt and Revolt.csv files
  => Placement of nations created from revolt is now randomized too and 
  consistent with orig. start locations.
- Numerous changes in EUGenerNations.csv to be more historically correct: 
  start locations, religion, specifics.
- Changes in province adjacency table (EUGenerProvinceAdjData.tbl):
  several island to continent connections are created to solve lack of adjacent 
  provinces in accelerated start mode.
- Religion and start location placement change: Europe is now more christian 
  and less pagan (it helps AI).
- Province manpower and native population limit slightly raised.
Bug Fixed:
- DiplomaticMatrix.csv file generated if equal or random relations are used 
  is now valid (valid range of values is -10..10 and not -200..200 as used 
  so far).
  Default number of nations in scenario was lowered to 70 due game crashes 
  on systems with only 64 MB RAM (see TROUBLESHOOTING in Readme_Gen.txt).

New in version 1.03:
- New options: Backup Scenario and Restore Scenario accessible from main menu.
  Now you can play several generated scenarios simultaneously without problems.
  Use Backup Scenario to store all generated files to specified directory.
  When you'll in future wish to play this scenario again, use Restore Scenario
  and specify the directory where the files have been stored.
- New option in Nations (basic) tab:
  Don't move Europe / Mediterranean nations
- Generator now modifies also /DB/traders.csv file => Colonial Dynamism option
  now works properly (no unexpected extra colonists for Portugal, Holland...)
- Hint on trackbars now shows the currently set value to allow more exact
Fixed Bugs:
- Trackbars in Religion tab now work correctly.

New in version 1.02:
 - New option in Nations (basic) tab: Diplomatic relations
   Equal, Random or Historical, good-bad modifier
 - New option in Nations (basic) tab:  Colonial Dynamism 
   (available in non-fantasy mode only)
   Equal or Individual + Random changes during progress of game.
 - New option in Provinces tab: Diversity => adjacent provinces now have 
   more probably the same terrain (more realistic).

New in version 1.01:
- You can now review basic characteristics of major nations in the nation selection
  screen inside the game before start of scenario. 
  (capital province, starting gold, tech, army, navy ...)
- Technology Group option (affect research speed) specified individually for each 
  nation or the same for all.
- Quick Start mode improved: up to 10 cities on start (only in individual mode).
Fixed Bugs: 
- You can now select also nations from end of EUGenerNations.csv file (e.g. USA)
  as majors (playable).

New in version 1.00:
- Quick Start option: nations start with given number of cities, equal starting
  size or individual starting size (See EUGenerNations.csv file for indiv. settings)
  Note: Algorithm uses adjacent neutral provinces near capital, if specified number 
  of cities is not satisfied nation gets bonus population in existing cities.
- Nations tab splitted to Nations (basic) and Nations (advanced).
- New options in Nations (advanced) tab: 
  - Equal or individual starting gold (See EUGenerNations.csv file for indiv. settings)
  - Equal or individual starting technology (See EUGenerNations.csv file for indiv. settings)
  - Equal or individual starting stability (See EUGenerNations.csv file for indiv. settings)
  - Equal or individual starting army (See EUGenerNations.csv file for indiv. settings)
  - Equal or individual starting navy (See EUGenerNations.csv file for indiv. settings)
- General settings accessible from main menu: file name, scenario name, start year, end year
- Changed nation specifics in EUGenerNations.csv file. See NationSpec.txt for details.
Fixed Bugs: 
- Counter reform religion is no longer available if Edict of Tolerance is enabled.

New in version 0.95:
- New option: Edict of Tolerance in Religion tab
- New option: Random native population in Provinces tab
Fixed Bugs: 
- MAJOR BUG with negative native population in provinces causing game
  crashes in non-fantasy mode finally hunted down and fixed !!
  (now the non-fantasy mode should be finally playable.)
- if you answer no to "Scenario created successfully, do you want to quit?"
  generator now no longer forget everything what you set in GUI and generates 
  scenario with default settings.
- problem with rebelling of counter reformed nations caused by pagan religion
  in the capital province fixed.

New in version 0.92:  
 - Option: Use advanced religions on start / no religion events
   (old option: Use protestant, reformed, counter reform on start) 
   now works better.
   1. when you start with reformed or any other adv. religion, your capital 
      province has your religion and all provinces you colonize 
      have your religion.
   2. no 'hardcoded' religion events occur if this option is enabled. 
   Note: It's recommended for fantasy scenarios because here the provinces never 
   convert automatically.

New in version 0.91:  
 - Turkey, Russia, Astrakhan, Georgia, and Kazan AI now correctly expands if 
   historical starting locations are used (due the changes in continent, region and
   area settings in province.csv file). Spain and Portugal AI still don't colonize
   in Iberia (it looks like hardcoded to province numbers and not to area names).

Fixed Bugs:
 - Option: Use protestant, reformed, counter reform on start now can be disabled.

New in version 0.9:  
 - Generator now supports 3 modes: accessible from the main menu
     1. Generate scenario with new map 
          Files: random.eug, province.csv, diplomaticmatrix.csv, colonist.csv
          are generated.     
     2. Generate map only
          File: province.csv is generated.
          Usefull if you want to play one of original scenarios (e.g. 
          Grand Campaign) with generated map. 
          Don't forget to do Restore orig. files before Run!
     3. Generate scenario only / restore orig map
          Files: random.eug, diplomaticmatrix.csv, colonist.csv
          are generated.     
          File: province.csv is restored from backup.
          Useful if you want to play generated scenario on original 
 - New option: Don't change Europe / Mediterranean 
     Useful if you want to use generated map (mode 2) in the Grand Campaign.
     Known world is without changes, everything else is generated.
 - New options in Province tab: 
     - Random income
     - Random colonization difficulty
     - Random trading post difficulty
     - Random native aggressiveness
     - Random native combat values
 - New option in Religion tab:
     - Use protestant, reformed, counter reform on start

Fixed Bugs:
 - Non-random trade gods now works properly.
Known problems
 - Game sometimes crashes with non-fantasy scenario. Same scenario with 
   fantasy flag (no other changes) works OK. Thus the option: Don't use
   FANTASIA mode should not be used for regular play till the problem 
   will be solved (maybe).

New in version 0.7:  
 - New option: Don't use FANTASIA mode: 
    - rules are just like in GC
    - slower colonization
    - you need coastal province to get colonists
    - you need conquistador/explorer  to explore terra incognita.
    - all restrictions enabled, e.g. no research for Aztecs and Incas
   Try it, it will be completely different game.
 - New option: Free Conquistador/Explorer on start => easier colonization
 - New option: Explored World
 - Nations starting at coastal province see adjacent sea on start
 - Optimization: Generation is faster than in 0.5
 - Storm should no longer occur in the sea adjacent to capital.
Fixed Bugs:
 - Option Major count is now working.

New in version 0.5:  
 - Temperature and humidity now affects also seas (optional): 
   Low temperature raises probability of ice.  
   High humidity raises probability of storms.
 - Temperature, humidity and age has wider range: (-4 .. 4)
   Note: Try set Temperature on -4. You will get true 'Ice-Age'.
 - New nation specifics in Nations.csv : Bank, StartSiberia.
   See NationSpec.txt for details.
 - Religion placement is now smarter: muslim nations shouldn't start in
   Europe or America where AI never colonize.
 - New option: Gold Mines: how many provinces will get gold mine (approximate) 
 - New option: Use galleys in all seas.

Fixed Bugs:
 - Corrupted scenario bug: Game crash during loading of scenario.
   Some Great Lakes and Caspian Sea provinces has been incorrectly used as 
   coastal: (Niagara, Oshawa, Huron, Sault, Oskosk, Emba, Karabogaz).
   This bug was taken over from original province.csv file... 
   That leads to corrupted scenario if some naval units were placed to these 
 - Change of world humidity - no effect on generation of world, stupid bug :( 
 - In rare case two nations started on the same province => one of them 
   started without capital.
 - Update of EUGener.csv => desert, marsh generated more offen and in
   the right provinces.

New in version 0.2:  
 - hint if you keep mouse on controls
 - labels on trackbars
 - new option: Force Major nation to Europe / Middle East
 - new option: Major nation Advantage
 - option Nation Specifics can be disabled
 - new options in EUGenerNations.csv
 - fixed bug in reading EUGenerNations.csv file.

New in version 0.1
- initial beta version

2001 SH & JM

Europa Universalis CG is 2001 Paradox Entertainment

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