A Tribute to Moe Keale: Song Lyrics 

Aloha Is 

Aloha is a promise the sun will shine again.
Bringing fresh hopes on dreams with each new day that begins.
Aloha is the sunlight, shining through the darkness.
Giving strength, giving strength to all we do.
Aloha is His Grace, walking in the sunlight.
Feeling the beauty of life, feeling the beauty of life.
Aloha is His Helping Hand, His Warm and Comforting Voice.
It is His Peace, be with you, in love forever and always.
Aloha is the mind, the heart in perfect harmony,
Its tenderness and love, deep in the heart of Hawai`i.
Aloha is Hawai`i, Hawai`i is Aloha
Hawai`i is Aloha iā `oe, I love you.

Aloha au iā `oe, Hawai`i, I love you.

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