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It was the sunny morning of the 18th of March, 1981, when Marcos Ortiz, the guy behind this page, started crying lowdly in a clinic in Santiago (Chile). Héctor, his dad, and Diana, his now 3.6 Kg. lighter mum, where now happily enjoying what they had been waiting for during nine long months.
I was soon going to nursery at Craighouse, the school where they both worked at the time. After spending some time over there, with my already born little sister, Sonia, I started going to school. They chose Mozart School. It was a tiny little school a few blocks from home, where I had a great time. There I met some friends I'd later meet at my second school.
When I was about nine, in July, 1990, my parents found a place at a bigger school where my dad worked. It was the Andrée English School, and the class was 4th C.
A year later, when Sonia was already at Andrée, we all four went to Manchester, England, for five months. I have excellent memories of England. I remember going to see Manchester United play, going to London, Edimburgh, some cities in Wales and other places, but I NEVER went to Liverpool nor heard anything about a group called The Beatles. I was only two hours away from the sacred city for beatlemaniacs, and I dismissed the oportunity 'cause we came back to Chile at the end of 1991.
I was in my house at the beach, in San Sebastian, when I got to bed and put the telly on. They were showing the Festival de Viña, the most important music festival in South America. Suddenly, the conductor presented a group called Beatlemania who played the music of an old group called something like The Beatles. I began listening to the songs and I don't know why, but I already knew most of them.
Once back in Santiago, we went to a music store and I bought a cassette with the 20 best Beatle songs. I loved it. It was great. From that day on, I've spent all my pocket money buying Beatles stuff.
In 1998 I finished school and in 1999 I started studying Journalism at the Universidad Católica (Santiago, Chile). As this takes much more time than school, I haven't had much left to spend on the Internet making things for the page.
Finally, on July-August, 2000, I had the chance to go back to England, and this time I finally visited the famous Beatle places in London and Liverpool.


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