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With this site, I hope to help others avoid all the troubles in their pets unknown health effects. I'll try help others; who are going through what I have, in the last few years.
Open your eyes to mold effects.
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Step-an also says,
"Mold Kills more than your health. It kills your dreams, your hopes and your family."
A little about me.  I have been a pet rescuer and I also ran a small cattery and kennel out of my home.  I was raised on a farm. I  have to have alot of pets to care for, all time or I just go nutzo...  And boy did I get my hands full. Than mold came into our life. Not only once but twice we were bitten by the killer mytoxins of mold.  We owned a home for 12 years till we had a fire and lots of water filled our 2 story home. Mold set in after that and it was not for a year later, we knew what was making us so ill.  After being away for a year we bought a new home. 3 months after moving in we became ill again. Seller did a good mold cover up before selling us this new home.  Mold test found high levels hidding everywhere.  We are restoring this home ourselfs and it is a bigger project than we planed.
    Now I run
moldy pet support group in yahoo email groups. I love for you to join us. We are a great bunch of pet lovers and mold survivers.     Come share!!!
My Hairless pets home  "Possomscreek"
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Pets lost due to mold.
Rainbow bridge {Mold free}
Link to mold effect data: Get the Facts!
Here at  'Moldy pet support' donations are excepted & needed..
We are in need of mold free:                            
blankets, dishes, carriers, heated bed, foods, vets sometimes we may need foster homes to donate a little baby sitting while our mold exposed families are looking for safe place to stay. You know a lot of hotels do not take pets.  If you think you may help out with any of these thing listed.
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moldy pet support!
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Temp. stays for pets homeless, due to mold homes Temp. Foster home
I hope we have help you or your love one.
Here is a list of Symptoms to watch out for in your pets
Pet story: Toxin pet store lost
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Life with Mold
Do I have Mold?
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First step Pet Support group
Some dogs need help!
Group trying to stop mold sniffing dogs!
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Our life in mold!
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Our 2nd. moldy home
Yep not once but twice!
You need help?  Mold relief
More mold Issues  Mold Help
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Don't be mislead by people claiming to know about moldy pets.
Yahoo Mold Pets was the first support group out there for you! thank you
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Our story, wrote out with all the dates.
Our second home, rooms finished so far.