Andrea's Locks of Love
My daughter Andrea did a lovely thing last fall (November 2000).  Andrea, an 8 year old second grader at Albemarle Road Elementary School, had waist length hair, had that long beautiful blonde hair cut, and donated it to Locks of Love.  Locks of Love is an organization that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair.
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Do The Right Thing Award!
Our local Police and Fire Departments give awards to kids for Doing The Right Thing - what a wonderful idea - recognizing children for the good things they do!

Andrea won the award for selflessly thinking of other children in donating her hair, and for promoting awardness of the wonderful Locks of Love organization.
What a happy little girl!  Holding her pony tail and saying good-bye to it :)  She's thrilled that another child will be wearing "her hair" soon.
The "final shots".  We were preparing to leave for the beauty salon, and had to get just a few more pictures!  Andrea was happy and ready to roll.
And so it begins ...
You would LOVE to donate hair?  You don't have long hair but would LOVE to help out?  Click on the Locks of Love logo below and visit their website.  There are many items available for sale, instructions on donating hair, and information on making additional donations to this worthy group :)