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Hi and WOOPS!~  If you've visited before, you'll notice that things have changed a bit.  In making geneology pages for my and David's families, I accidently messed up my own main page LOL  Such is the life of a busy woman!  Oh - and getting things running again may take a day or so!  Please come back!

You'll hopefully find most/all of the original pictures and links.  If you'd like to see something you saw here before, but you can't find it now, please let me know and I'll hunt it down :)    Elissa

Andrea received a doll house for Christmas 2001 - visit her page to see the "work in progress"  .....
Ahhh the picture to the right is a bit old, but here you see "The Busey Bunch".  Steven, Andrea and Chris. 

I'll see what I can do about getting them to all stand in one spot for a new picture! 
A few of my favorite things ...
Our PETS!!!
La Leche League has made a tremendous difference in our family.  Visit their web site for more information on breastfeeding and attachment parenting!
Andrea's hair is not as long as you see in the picture to the left, shown with David just prior to a father-daughter "western dinner banquet". Why?  Check out why she cut it and what she did with that beautiful hair!!! ...
I LOVE to quilt!  If you know of any online resources for paper-piecing (my current passion), please let me know!

Pictured above is my "quilt of ties" - a quilt that I made for my mother of ties that my father had owned.  He's keeping her warm again!  You can read about the quilt at the link below.
I also have pictures there of other quilts that I've made ...
Geneology Pages
I am currently in the process of researching the "roots" of both my family and my husbands.  My maiden name is Menapace - and I've located a wealth of information so far!   I'm fortunate to have a distant cousin (Dr Francis J. Menapace) who has been researching the family for years.  Blending the information that I've located, along with his, has given us a greater understanding of our "roots".  The work continues!  When you visit the site, if you have any additional information or thoughts to share, I'd love to hear from you!!!

My mother is a Murphy :)  Her line will be my next challenge.
The Menapace Family

My geneology web site
My husband is a Busey.  His cousin Russ had a wonderful cache of research on the Busey family - dating back to the 1600's!  Amazing!
I'm in the process of sorting through it all, and putting it on my web site for The Busey Family. There is a mountain of data though, so this may take a bit of time LOL

David's mother is a Campbell.  She's on the trail of her "roots" right now, and I'll be assisting her in the days to come - a Campbell site will be born and I'll post a web address when the time comes.
The Busey Family

My geneology web site