Elissa's Quilting Page
Several weeks before Christmas 2000, Steven said he wanted a quilt for Christmas!  The quilt to the lower left is that quickly made quilt (it included "space" fabric, as requested by Steven.
The quilt to the lower right is one I made for Andrea, the lighter fabric has bunnies on it!  That bunny fabric was bought at Andrea's first quilt show here in Charlotte.  I hand quilted hears and squiggles on this quilt, which I finished in Dec 2000.
Belowis my first paper piecing project.  Fun!   I gave the quilt (which is doll sized) to Andrea for Easter 2001.  Walmart has great prices on these beginner projects (and they come with complete instructions!).
Having seen both his brother    and sister receive new quilts in December, Chris asked for a new quilt! Below  is the quilt that he chose - he picked out the Log Cabin design, and went with me (under protest LOL) to the fabric store to select the fabrics.  He's   a great bolt carrier!  This quilt was started and completed in January 2001.
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The first three pictures are of what I call my Quilt of Ties. In trying to decide on a gift to give to my mother, who is in a nursing home following a stroke, I remembered her giving me my fathers ties when he passed away, in October of 1992.  I made this quilt for her, and now he can keep her warm again, as he once did.  I completed this quilt in Debember 2001.
To the right is a center quilt block that I made for a Round Robin quilt group that I belong to. 

I paper-pieced it from a Wonderful pattern (it's called Yuletide Wishes) I found on this web site:
Zippy Designs