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This page has links to Miscarriage information and support  that helped me when I had my Miscarriage. I hope they can help you too.
Sites For Support
H.A.N.D.- Pregnancy and Infant loss support for parents who's babies have died anytime from conception threw Infancy
Miscarriage Information- Very good infromation about miscarriage.
S.A.N.D.S- A support group for parents who have experienced Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Neonatal Death.
ICQ List of people who have had Miscarriages, contact them for support
Angels 4 Ever Loved
Surviving Pregnancy Loss
For Those Who Have Had A Miscarriage- "The Truth is..."
My Mom is a Survivor
Pregnancy and Infant Loss information Home Page
Memorial Sites
InFanlos- A great site were you can make your own dedication page or have the webmaster make one for you. Beautiful Poems, etc.
Angel Whispers- A very beautiful Memorial Page
If you need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me. My yahoo messenger screen name is kykamommy,  and my email address is found at the bottom of this page.
Please visit Sassys Graphics. She has some very beautiful Graphics