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A Tiny Hand
By: Denise Hanstad

A tiny hand we'll never hold. A child without a name.
Your coos and giggles won't touch our ears,
but we loved you just the same.
The twinkle in your little eyes, was not for us to see;
we longed to hold you in our arms, but it never came to be.
God now holds your tiny hand,
He's given you a name;
your coos and giggles grace Heaven's ears,
but we'll miss you just the same.
The twinkle in your little eyes, now lights the sky at night.
God holds you close in loving arms, you're always in His sight.
A tiny hand we'll never hold, we have no reason why;
but we'll always hold you in our hearts, even though we said goodbye.
In Loving Memory of our Great-Niece Elizabeth Ann Hutchison
April 16,2002 - August 19, 2002

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Life What a
Beautiful Choice!

Jacob Elliott

Adopted: August 10,1999

Stop Abortion Not A Beating Heart!

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